Sunday, 27 March 2011

Salford Against the Cuts takes the fight to London

(Salford Against the Cuts supporters preparing to be picked up for London yesterday)

Nearly 40 SAC supporters were outside the Precinct yesterday morning at 6am ready to set-off for a long day in London. We had more people who support the campaign going on theri own union transport. Everybody agreed that it was a great day and we were all proud to be part of the half a million that stood up to defy this Government's attacks on communities, jobs and services.

Our next SAC meeting will be at Patricroft Working Men's Club at 7pm on Monday 4th April. Come down and help us plan how we take SAC forward after yesterday. In the meantime, don't forget to head down to Broughton Rec on Thursday for 5:30pm for the Broughton Against the Cuts protest against its closure.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Save Broughton Rec - Keep Salford a Fit City

Broughton Against the Cuts


Save Broughton Rec Centre


Thursday 31st March, 5:30pm outside Broughton Rec, Camp Street, Broughton, Salford

Support the University and College Union (UCU)

Salford Against the Cuts is supporting the action being taken by UCU members this week. We agree with the UCU that attacks on their members are linked to the Government's wider attacks on higher education and we encourage all those opposed to cuts in Salford to head down to the picket lines from 7am on Thursday. The picket lines are at Crescent House, Maxwell Building, Peel Buolding, Clifford Whitworth Building and Faraday Building. The pickets will be glad to see you!

Below is a report of today's action from UCU member and SAC activist Bob Jeffery

Salford Uni Against Cuts were pleased to see so many people out in support of the UCU stike and pickets today (Tuesday 22nd of March). In addition to UCU lecturing staff and postgraduate UCU members, a number of students turned out to show their support (and this follows a poll by the University of Salford Student's Union
showing that 61% of those who voted backed the strike action being undertaken by their teachers). In addition to official UCU pickets outside all major teaching and administrative buildings, a lively demonstration was held outside of the University House. Leaflets were distributed and many pledges of support were given by passing staff, students and local Salford residents. Like many of those teaching at Salford, I am not a full-time contracted member of staff, but rather a casual worker who is paid on an hourly basis. Nevertheless, I have fully supported the strike action led by my union both because I believe that the attack on pay and conditions of academic staff is just one move by a government that seems intent on making ordinary working people pay for the mistakes of the super-wealthy (and this needs to be resisted on all fronts), but also because I believe such moves are part of a wider campaign targeted against higher education (as a public service) in the UK aimed at demoralising and marginalising those who actually deliver the courses, while concentrating power and privileges in the hands of small number of undemocratically appointed managers. Members of Salford Uni Against Cuts oppose these measures as much as we oppose the increase in tuition fees and scrapping of EMA and as much as we oppose the punitive and disproportionate cuts being forced upon our communities in Salford and elsewhere in Greater Manchester. We hope that as many people can join us on Thursday the 24th March for the second day of strike action.

Best wishes,


Monday, 21 March 2011

Please contact us if you would like transport to the demo this Saturday, we have some spare seats. The Coach will be leaving Salford Precinct (exact location to be confirmed) at 6am and the prices are £20 solidarity, £10 waged (working people), £5 unwaged (pensioner, unemployed, student etc.)

Friday, 18 March 2011

Broughton Against the Cuts Meeting

Broughton Against the Cuts


Save Broughton Rec Centre

Campaign meeting

7pm, Monday 21st March.

The Star Inn,

2 Back Hope Street

The Cliff

M7 2FR

Friday, 11 March 2011

Building Salford Against the Cuts

We need your help!

We are looking to build this Campaign in every area of Salford and at our meeting last Monday we decided that we would set up working groups that people could get involved in to make this happen. We want volunteers to help out. If you would like to help, please reply to this post or email us at

The groups we are planning to set up are:

1. A Rally For Libraries

Following the recent protests in Ordsall and Cadishead against proposals to close libraries we want to hold a city-wide Rally for Libraries and we want your help. If this is a subject that is dear to you please ket us know.

2. A Rally for Youth Services

Proposed cuts will mean almost half of the funding for Connexions, which supports young people and their families with advice around education, employment and other personal issues is to be cut. We are also seeing big attacks on Salford's Youth Service. We believe this city deserves decent services for young people and if you want to help us organise an event to highlight this let us know.

3. May Day

We want to take May Day back! It is historically the day when working class people come together to celebrate past victories and discuss future challenges. Salford has not held a big May Day event for some time and this year we think we need one.

We are also looking to extend Salford Against the Cuts into all the areas of Salford. We already have a Broughton Against the Cuts and we are in the process of getting Ordsall Against the Cuts set up. We identified the following areas last week where we think we can start preparing new branches. They are:

- Winton
- Irlam and Cadsihead
- Irwell Riverside

If you want to help with this or live somewhere else and would like to see something happen in your area please let us know.

Thanks, Steve

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Tell us about your protest

Please tell us about any protest you are planning, or even just thinking about. Whether you are concerned about schools, libraries, fitness centres, youth support, advice centres or any other service under threat, we are trying to assist and coordinate the fight against cuts to local and national services in Salford.

Here's a report on a recent protest organised by the residents of Irlam and Cadishead:

SALFORD LIBRARY PROTESTS CONTINUE - Salford Star - with attitude & love xxx

SALFORD HOUSING EXECS SHARE £368,000 - Salford Star - with attitude & love xxx