Friday, 25 October 2013


In October we began to discuss our plans to oppose the sell-off of Salix Homes housing stock and we will firm up our plans in November.

We will update people on the campaign to save the Grange - with Mayor Stewart's claims in tatters and still no announcement about its future.

We will plan for our fund-raising gig at the Crescent on Friday 6th December:  
Get it in your diary now!

Thursday, 3 October 2013


The first day of the Tory Conference saw 50 000 march in Manchester, with a 2-300 strong contingent from Salford, Bolton and Wigan rally at Bexley Square. 

The new Salford Against Cuts banner was carried on its maiden voyage, thanks to Will and Bob, ex students at Salford Uni, along with the Trades Council and Salford City UNISON banners.  Unfortunately Owen Jones was delayed and unable to speak but we heard fiery speeches from Simon Hickman (FBU), Geoff Atkinson of the victorious bakers' union at Hovis, Stephen Hall on the campaign against fracking, Roy Wilkes of the NUT in Bury and last but not least Sarah Davies, midwife and midwifery lecturer at Salford Uni on the need to save the NHS.

The demo was massive, assisted by better weather than we could reasonably expect, and left the Tories in no doubt that they are meeting increasing resistance from working people - if not yet from the TUC!

We sold 30 copies of our SAC pamphlet 'Cuts Can Be Beaten' - let's show them we mean that!

On 7th October we will discuss the Salix Homes stock transfer, the bedroom tax, and the Grange.  Be there!