1. On 13th December 2010 , we will hold a meeting to elect an organising committee, that will be charged with delivering our mission statement.

2. Each affiliated group shall have the right to send one delegate to the Organising Committee with the exception of Salford Trades Council, which will have three delegates.

3. We will elect the following positions for SATC : Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Trade Union Officer, Community Officer, Youth Officer from the Organising Committee. Only those delegated to the organising committee will be able to stand for these positions, but all at the meeting on the 13th will have a vote.

4. The organising committee will meet at least once a month.

5. As local groups are established, each group will if they so wish and if they are in line with SAC's principles be able to elect one person to sit on the organising committee as a delegate specifically from that campaign.

6. The organising committee will arrange public meetings at least bimonthly. Motions can be submitted to those meetings and will be voted upon. Any approved motions will then be implemented by the organising committee. Additional officers meetings may take place to handle detailed practical business arising from this.

7. The selection/recall of a delegate is a matter for an affiliated body. We request only that affiliated bodies inform us as to whether their delegate is a named delegate, and if so then the name of their chosen delegate.

8. Any officer can be subjected to a vote of no confidence at the organising committee, if a third of delegates request this. If that should take place, an election will be held for that position. Otherwise, officer elections will take place annually. All elections to be decided by a simple majority vote of those present

9. The committee shall have the right to co-opt additional committee members, subject to a simple majority vote of those present.

10. Salford Against the Cuts rejects the racist, divide and rule tactics of the far-right and will provide no platform for groups and individuals promoting those views.

11. This Constitution can be amended by a two thirds majority at any Organising Committee meeting.