Mission Statement

Salford Against the Cuts was set up to forge ever greater unity between trade unions, community groups, service user groups, political parties and members of the public who are genuinely opposed to all cuts in services. We reject the Government's intention to make ordinary people in areas like Salford pay for a crisis created by the greed of the bankers and a capitalist system that places their greed before our needs. We reject the racist, divide and rule tactics of the far-right and will provide no platform for groups and individuals promoting those views. In rejecting all cuts and in seeking to create the broadest possible coalition of those opposed to cuts, we will stand with all people fighting job losses or attacks on public services. We will work towards an active body with representatives from all genuine anti-cuts groups and delegates from estates and communities throughout Salford . We will also seek to work with genuine anti-cuts groups from other areas to provide a national fightback against this Government. Together we believe we can defeat this Government's cuts agenda.