Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Newsletter April 2011 (No. 0)

This is the first issue of a regular newsletter from Salford Against the Cuts. It was produced as a trial run, but the meeting on Monday night felt it would be useful to make it available. Please print out as many copies as you like to distribute to friends, at work, church or in the pub. If you click on each page you should then be able to print from your browser; right-click to save a copy.

The next issue will be printed in a reasonable quantity on 9th May for our next Organising meeting. You can get copies of it from us at the meeting or print it off from this website again. If you would like to submit anything for inclusion please send it to us at salfordagainstcuts@gmail.com or Salford Against the Cuts, c/o Salford Unemployed Centre, Liverpool Road, Eccles.

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