Friday, 20 May 2011

Keep Salford A Fit City - Save Broughton Rec

Salford City Council has declared the Broughton Rec is no longer financially viable. Broughton Rec is on Camp Street, Lower Broughton, Salford. It could be facing closure at the end of this year. Broughton Against the Cuts is campaigning to keep the Rec under public control. It is a vital community resource and has a massively positive effect on the lives of many local people.
A community resource
Broughton Recreation Centre is currently under the control of Salford Community Leisure, a subsidiary of Salford City Council. Membership is cheap (£25 per month, unlimited access). With this membership, you can use any of the facilities at any leisure centre in Salford. Broughton Rec provides an essential place for all Salfordians to participate in loads of different activities. Martial Arts, Boxing, a Church, OAP clubs, kids clubs, hockey, squash, a computer skills learning centre, aerobics, a fully equipped gym, etc... It is a busy place, packed every evening with people from all walks of life having fun, and hanging out with friends.
The “Temple” under threat
The climbing hall is housed in Broughton Recreation Centre. an oasis of good vibes, making new friends and meeting new climbing partners is very easy. The Wall (aka The Temple) was masterfully created in 1991, using concrete and natural, by Bendcrete. Since then it has served many, many climbers of all levels and abilities. To its users, it is the best (indoor) crag in the country. It even has its own downloadable guidebook, with hundreds of classic problems and traverses. The climbing itself is amazing. Anyone in need of a perfect training venue for the nearby walls of Yorkshire and Peak limestone need look no further.

Check out the Broughton Power website and see just how amazing the wall really is. Better still, come to the wall and climb on it.
Stop the Closure
It was recently announced by Salford Community Leisure, that, due to government cuts in public spending, the centre will close in December 2011.
The Council is saying that they wish the centre to be run by sports group or the voluntary sector. Even if possible this is extremely dangerous as, if the enterprise fails, Salford Council will say they have a non-sustaining and unaffordable centre, either selling to a property developer or close the building.
We have already launched a campaign to keep the Centre and The Temple, under council control. This campaign can not only save the building but through your support it receives investment and continues to flourish. It continues to be a vital part of the Broughton community, a place of employment and climbers conitinue to go there and get strong.
We can win
In February this year, Manchester City Council announced that Levenshulme Swimming Baths was due for closure. After a successful three week campaign by users and locals, the decision was overturned. The swimming baths is still open and is receiving inward investment for improvements. So it is possible. For more information and to join The Broughton Against the Cuts campaign, text 0754542 5742, email, or become a member of our Facebook groups

What can you do:
Please support the campaign and email your protest of the council's declaration to the following individuals who will be responsible for making a final decision about our Rec.

Exec of Salford Community Leisure, STEVE HASSALL:
Exec of Salford City Council:  BARBARA SPICER:
Labour Councillor JOHN MERRY:
Labour Councillor CHARLIE MCINTYRE:

Or write to:
The Chief Exec, Salford City Council, Civic Centre, Swinton, Salford M27 5FJ

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