Sunday, 15 January 2012

Protect the most vulnerable!


Saturday 21st January, 12 – 2PM
Swinton Royal British Legion, Cheetham Road, Swinton, M27 4UQ

These meetings have been called in response to Council proposals to withdraw funding for at least two of the seven day centres in the city that provide support for elderly people and those with learning difficulties. Such cuts will hit the most vulnerable hardest – something the Authority pledged not to do when the budget was set last March. One of the centres due for potential closure Humphrey Booth in Ordsall underwent an expensive refurbishment only 18 months ago.

If we link this to possible further cuts in youth services, intermediate home care and welfare rights services, we can see that the Council is now looking firmly at cuts in frontline services that directly support Salford’s most vulnerable. This is despite continued funding for Media City, Chapel Street regeneration and other prestige projects.

This is also despite Council Leader John Merry declaring when considering the Budget only last February that, “When coming up with these proposals, we have done all we can to protect the most vulnerable living in the city.”

This campaign is already attracting a significant layer of community support and media coverage - including from the Vicar of St. Clement's Church in Ordsall where the first meeting is being held. I would ask you to try and come along.

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